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From single images to fully produced promotional films, Kestrel Media can supply a range of sales products for real estate agents and property developers. 

Still Images

Kestrel Media will provide a comprehensive folder of high quality, internal, external or aerial still images, ensuring coverage of all rooms & angles and present your property in its best possible light. All images supplied by Kestrel include post production correction and color grading. 

Internal still images - $190 + GST

External still images - $190 + GST

Aerial still images - $190 + GST

Internal & external still images - $290 + GST

Internal & aerial still images - $290 + GST

External & aerial still images - $290 + GST

Internal, external & aerial still images - $390 + GST

Internal Still Images

External Still Images

Aerial Still Images


If you would like to present your property to potential buyers through video, Kestrel can supply either basic raw footage, or a story-considered, edited promotional video, with any inclusions you may require; such as music, narration, titles, graphics, transitions and animation. 

Aerial Video

Approx 10 minutes of rough-cut, 4K, aerial, video footage - $190 + GST

Ground Video

Kestrel offers 2 types of ground video footage:  static (still camera), or motion-control (moving camera) video. 

Internal or external static ground footage - $190 + GST

Internal or external motion-control ground footage - $290 + GST

Internal & external static footage - $290 + GST

Internal & external motion-control footage - $390 + GST

Add aerial video footage to any of the above options for an additional $100 + GST

Promotional Real Estate Video

The above promotional video features internal motion-control & static video, external static & motion control video and aerial video. As well as music, graphics, motion titles, transitions and local area surroundings. If you are interested in creating something similar for your property, please get in touch via the form below. Give us some details of your proposed project and we will get back to you with a detailed quote. 

Lifestyle Video

If you're looking to promote the region where your property is located, Kestrel can create comprehensive lifestyle videos that present the features and facilities of your area. 

Commercial & Industrial Video

Contact us here to receive a detailed quote as per your specific requirements.

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